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About Dean


Dean Abbott is a singer/songwriter from Canberra who’s music brings deep feelings of love and reflection through raw lyrics, soulful tone and his mellow vibe.

Dean truly began his music career at the age of 21 when he started writing songs as a way to express himself that felt natural and healing. The love he received from this, led him to performing covers from his favourite artists at various venues, eventually stepping into performing his own music. 

Dean's performances are a true reflection of the man he is, humble and honest with a presence that pulls on the heartstrings.

Through a combination of self-development, raw honesty and spiritual awakening he is now ready to share his music and his story to the world. 

After the release of Dean’s EP “All the leaves” earlier in the year, he has now released his new heartfelt album “Letting go” in December 2020. You can expect to feel an abundance of emotion through this next chapter of Dean’s music.

The only way out is through ~ JK Rowling

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